Magic Lantern Slides

If you own a magic lantern, the best thing to with it is to make a show and tell stories.

In this section of the website you can find some sets of magic lantern slides mostly on childlike themes. But there is also a large section on Life model slides.

Most of the slides are chromolithographic images in the standard size cm 8,25 x 8.25 (3 ¼ inch square). In the second half of the XIX century chromolithographic slides were produced in large quantity. In earlier times non-photographic slides were entirely coloured by hand, or coloured by hand over a printed outline.









Alice in Wonderland Little Red Riding Hood The Water Babies
Diogenes and the Naughty Boys from Corinth Nursery Rhymes Peter Pan
Punch and Judy BlueBeard Shockheaded Peter
Life Model Slides Our Firemen and Our Life-Boat Men The Ten Commendments