Episcope is an optical device wich projects opaque images (like postcards, prints, photos) and even three-dimensional objects like coins and insects. The projected image comes out overturned on the screen as looking at a mirror.

Episcope with electric device, made in U.S.A. by Keystone (1920).
Epidiascope Janus (about 1920) made in Germany by Ed Liesegang. This device (cm.78x55) works both as episcope and slide projector.
a small and practical episcope 'Vistarama' (made in Italy in the second half of the last century).

At the beginning of the 20th century Butcher & Son (as Primus) offered quite a few of picture cards with the printed text overturned to be projected by an episcope.

Nowadays story and words in these picture cards may sound offensive and politically uncorrect.