My name is Paolo Leo and I live in Sardinia (Italy).
All the pictures in this web site are drawn from my little collection of optical toys.


Cagliari and the Bay (Sardinia) - Keystone slide.








A magic lantern show in Cagliari (Sardinia) in December 2011. Some pictures before the show. On the left: Ivano Locci (musical accompanyment) and Paolo Leo (lanternist). On the middle: Paolo Leo. On the right: Dario Cosseddu (reader and entertainer). spettacolo con la lanterna magica a Monserrato (Cagliari, dicembre 2011).






Un altro spettacolo con la lanterna magica a Cagliari (2011).

Some more pictures from our shows (2013 - 2016):

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- The Death Blow -
Last Christmas she still succeeded in amusing them, with that old magic lantern.

(A cartoon by Novello, an Italian humorist, 1955)