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Alice in Wonderland

The Carroll's masterpiece reproduced by Butcher & Sons (London, brand Primus) into a set of 24 magic lantern slides. The slides were sold in three different boxes, each containing eight of them The slides date to the beginning of the twentieth century.

The drawnings strongly remind John Tenniel's famous illustrations on the same theme.

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Down the Rabbit Hole "Curiouser and curiouser" cried Alice There was a mouse splashing about
She grew and grew "That you won't ", Thought Alice There goes Bill
An enormous Puppy was looking A John Tenniel's illustration There was a large Mushroom growing near her
Alice approached the Little House The door led into a large Kitchen Alice caught the Bab
Alice saw the Chesire Cat There was a Table under a Tree She saw them trying to put the Dormouse
A large Rose Tree stood over the entrance Alice face to face with the Queen of Hearts "Off with their Heads "
Only the Cat's Head appeared Very soon they came upon the Gryphon Another John Tenniel's illustration
"What sort of a dance is it?" The Trial's beginning Alice was growing larger again
"What do you know about this business ?" And then the whole pack rose up into the air